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About Horse Pet Products

Horse-Pet-Products (H-P-P) produces and distributes a wide variety of Animal Care Products for Horses, Dogs and other Pets and Show Animals. We are dedicated to serving not only our human customers, but, most importantly, our Animal Friends who depend on us to look after their best interests; to not only keep them clean and presentable, but to keep them feeling good and looking forward to their care givers visits and attention. Our goal here at H-P-P is to never have a sad face on either our paying customers or our favorite group, the animals who wear our products and show them off everyday.

Horse-Pet-Products is a private company owned and operated by two legged creatures who also own and care for a wide variety of pets - including Horses, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Goats, Cows and Pigs! We owned these friends long before H-P-P was started, and that is what was really the driving force behind the idea that we should be making our own product line of Shampoos, Cleaners, Conditioners, Soap, Leather Products, Hoof Care, etc. Our parent company is an ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer of chemistry for industry as well as Personal Care Products such as

Hand Lotions - you will want to try our great lotions for use in the barn and riding, not only do they leave your hands feeling Soft and Supple, but also act as a "Barrier Lotion" to keep grease and other undesirable substances from penetrating deep into your pores.

We design our products with your pets in mind. We carry well known Horse and Pet brands as well as Unique and Special Blends that we here at H-P-P produce and use on our own animals on a daily basis.Trust us with, not only pampering and grooming your animals, but also for cleaning up the urine, manure or blood messes that can come
with pets or farm animals. Our De-Odorizer is a cinch for not only cleaning, but deodorizing the floor or carpet after spills.

Be sure to take a look at our Belts & Sandals under the Apparel section, which can all be Your Original Design upon request. Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. Just Click on over to our contact page and send us a message or give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any questions or fill any request that you may have.