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Pet Products

Making your pets shine!

Glistening Princess

Rock this glimmering style with any outfit. With silver studs and clear Swarovski crystals on faux fur you will turn all the heads and just wait until they catch a glance of that dramatic collection of clear stones on that centerpiece.

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Hot Tamale

If you want a red hot look try this style. These red and clear Swarovski crystal decorated conchos almost look like they are going to jump right off that black gator hide. Talk about standing out.

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De-O is an earth friendly enzyme odor and stain remover that is specially formulated using natural methods to destroy and remove accident odors and organic spots. De-O does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals and is completely biodegradable. Billions of safe, naturally-occurring microbes consume the organic waste, and eliminate the source of bad odors. Scientifically formulated to be effective on carpet problems where organic materials such as blood, urine, vomit, feces, and food are a problem. Easy to use.

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Happy Horse Shampoo

Want to make your horse happy? Try Happy Horse its a fast and easy to use shampoo and conditioner for horses and domestic animals. We here at HPP use this shampoo on our own horses and we know that it will work for yours. It is Non Toxic and Non Animal Derived. Happy Horse is manufactured by An ISO9001 Company.

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Canine & Feline Shampoo

Canine & Feline Shampoo is a mild and gentle cat and dog shampoo that will keep your pets coat clean and manageable. It works for our pets and we know it will work for yours too.It is Non-Animal derived and it is Manufactured by An ISO9001 Company.

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Black Magic Liniment

Black Magic Premium horse liniment is an absolute MUST for relief of pain due to arthritis, strained tendons, and ligaments as well as for curb splint pain in horses. It is a medicated, anti-inflammatory, leg tightener. Unlike other leg tighteners, BLACK MAGIC is the only leg brace that maintains optimum fluid levels around the joints and at the same time tightens the tendons and ligaments, thus creating a flexible yet tight leg. The daily application of BLACK MAGIC will dramatically improve your horse's performance and significantly reduce the risk of injury. Manufactured by An ISO9001 Company.

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Black Fortiflex Mini Pan

5 Quart Black Fortiflex Mini Pan has U.S. and metric markings to show water and feed consumption. Also great for small animals and resists cracking.

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Pink Fortiflex pail

8 Quart Hot Pink Fortiflex Pail. This pail is made with an exclusive rubber-polymer blend to enhance durability and resists cracking. Fortiflex is built stronger to last you longer. Look stylish while feeding your horses and other barn animals, and if pink is your color check out our collection of pink grooming supplies.

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Purple Sport Body Brush

Purple Equestria sport series 6.75 inch brush with a strap that holds your hand in place for easy use while grooming.

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Green Luckystar Glitter Curry

Pamper your horse and look stylish doing it with our Green Desert Equestrian Lucky star Glitter Curry.

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Teal Dazzle

This sparkling pendant has a dazzling teal stone surrounded by clear crystals, hanging from ribbon and black suede, and topped off with a decorative toggle clasp.

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Hand Shield Unscented

Hand Shield Unscented is a protective barrier cream that resists water, detergents, salt solutions, and mild alkali and acid solutions. If you are working at the barn or just piddling with your horses this protective lotion is perfect for any hard working guy or gals hands.

10 oz.

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Chew Brake

Are you having a problam with your horse chewing or cribbing? Try Chew Brake it puts a halt to your horses chewing and cribbing. Chew Brake can be used on painted, unpainted, wooden, plastic, and any other non-metallic surfaces. It is also all natural and alcohol free. It also works great for puppies. Spray a little on your furniture to keep them from chewing.

32 oz.

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E-Brite Degreaser

E-Brite Hard Surface Cleaner is a unique formulation that deep cleans hard surfaces fast and efficiently. The product does not contain any acids or harsh alkalis. E-Brite will not damage metals, painted surfaces, plastics, or rubber flooring. Unlike other products this non-toxic, 100% biodegradable formula may be used on multiple surfaces, and contains no butyl compounds, VOC’s, or harsh caustics but yields very effective results.

 Applications: Concrete, Plastics, Aluminum, Rubber, Magnesium, Stainless, Painted Surfaces, Vinyl, Base Metals, Laminates

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White Lightning Shampoo

Leave that brassy look behind with WHITE LIGHTNING. A lightening shampoo and conditioner, for white and grey coats, composed of whitening agents that will have your horse ready for any event. This product may also be used on dogs.

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  Black Magic Horse Shampoo